Storage: Alternate Futures


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Storage: Alternate Futures

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The Surprise-free Storage Future

1 Gb RAM Chips

MAD at 50 Gbpsi

Disk vs Tape

System On A Chip

500 mips System On A Chip for 10$

Standard IO in 5 Years

Ubiquitous 10 GBps SANs in 5 years

Thin Client’s mean HUGE servers

Standard Storage Metrics

New Storage Metrics: Kaps, Maps, SCAN?

For the Record (good 1999 devices packaged in system

For the Record (good 1999 devices packaged in system

The Access Time Myth

Storage Ratios Changed

Data on Disk Can Move to RAM in 8 years


The (absurd?) consequences

The Absurd? Consequences

Storage Latency: How Far Away is the Data?


Auto Manage Storage

The “Absurd” Disk

Extreme case: 1TB disk: Alternatives

Drives shrink (1.8”, 1”)

Prediction: 6-packs

Stripes, Mirrors, Parity (RAID 0,1, 5)

RAID 10 (strips of mirrors) Wins “wastes space, saves arms”

The Storage Rack Today

Storage Rack in 5 years?

It’s hard to archive a PetaByte It takes a LONG time to restore it.

Crazy Disk Ideas

The Disk Farm On a Card

Functionally Specialized Cards

It’s Already True of Printers Peripheral = CyberBrick

All Device Controllers will be Cray 1’s

With Tera Byte Interconnect and Super Computer Adapters


How Do They Talk to Each Other?


Author: Jim Gray