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lors_error.h File Reference

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#define LORS_SUCCESS   0x00
 The operation succeeded.

#define LORS_FAILURE   -1
 If there is nothign more specific, this indicates failure.

#define LORS_PARTIAL   -2
 The operation, store or copy, partially succeeded/failed.

 The requested offset is larger than the length of data.

 The requested length is larger than the length of data.

 The timeout expired.

#define LORS_NO_JOBS_FOUND   -7
 The work queue is exhausted.

 When calling an application that must make allocations, in the event that no depots are available to satisfy the next allocation, this error is returned.

#define LORS_HAS_HOLE   -9
 The requested range (from offset to offset plus length) has a sub-range without any mappings. This can be generated by lorsSetCopy() or lorsSetLoad().

#define LORS_NO_DEPOTS_FOUND   -10
 There are no available depots with enough space or duration. Another call to lorsGetDepotPool() may be necessary.

 Reserved for future use.

 Reserved for future use.

 The requested file does not have adequate (read or write) permissions.

#define LORS_XML_ERROR   -15
 Was unable to parse or generate XML.

#define LORS_NOTFOUND   -17
 A requested metadata value was not found.

#define LORS_NO_MEMORY   -18
 The system failed to allocate memory for this operation.

 In lorsSetStore() when passing less data than needed for an operation.

#define LORS_EXISTS   -20
 When attempting to add a Mapping to a Set where it exists already.

#define LORS_END   -21
 When iterating through a metadata list, this is returned when the end of the list is reached.

 A general error to indicate than one of the parameters passed to the function is invalid.

#define LORS_NO_SOURCE   -23
 There are no available depots from which to get the data.

 There are no available depots to which to send the data.

#define LORS_EOF   -25
 During a read operation the EOF was reached..

 The system failed to create a new thread to complete this operation.

 The system was unable to cancel a thread working on this operation.

#define LORS_IBP_FAILED   -10000
 This error was returned by the IBP client. To determine the IBP error, add 10000 and look in ibp_protocol.h. For example, error -10042 is IBP error -42, which is IBP_E_CLIENT_TIMEOUT.

#define LORS_LBONE_FAILED   -20000
 This error was returned by the L-Bone client. To determine the L-Bone error, add 20000 and look in lbone_error.h. For example, error -20030 is L-Bone error 30, which is E_ALLOC.

#define LBONE_NO_DEPOTS   -20001
#define LORS_SYS_FAILED   -30000
 A system call has failed.

#define LORS_EBUSY   -30
#define LORS_EAGAIN   -31
#define LORS_ERANGE   -32