LoRS Mail

Formerly known as IBP-Mail, LoRS-Mail allows you to send large files to other people. Most mail systems will only let a user send a few megabytes (MBs). If someone needs to send hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes (GBs) of files, the sender can send CDs or DVDs by mail, which takes time and costs money. The sender could post the files on a web server but then anyone can access it unless he sets up an account and creates a login form, etc. which is cumbersome. The sender could put the files on a FTP server but he must again create accounts and he has to keep his computer on until the receiver gets the file.

An alternative to sending disks or creating accounts for online delivery, the sender can store the file on IBP depots. The sender gets a set of keys (capabilities) that grant exclusive access to the data. If the sender can send the keys to the recipient, the recipient can then download the data. The LoRS tools do just that. The steps are outlined below:

  1. Store the data into the network using the LoRS Upload tool. The Upload tool will give back an exNode, which has all of the information about where the file is stored including the IBP capabilities.
  2. Send an email to the recipient and attach the exNode. The exNode is written in XML so that it can be used on any computer system.
  3. The recipient uses the LoRS Download tool to read the exNode and retrieve the file from the nearest copy.
Sending a file with an exNode

If you do not have the LoRS tools, you can try WebLoRS, a limited HTML version. Because the web tools have to use HTTP to send and retrieve the entire file to the web server where the LoRS tools are then run, they work best on files less than 100 MB in size.