The 'LoRS View' TCL Visualization

Installation Instructions

  • Verifying that you have a working Tcl/Tk installation.
    • Windows:
      If you are running windows, unless you are privy otherwise, you likely do not have a functional Tcl/Tk installation. Several are available from Any interpreter greater than 8.2 will work.
    • Unix:
      Most Unix and Linux distributions will come with complete Tcl/Tk environments installed. Simply verify that 'wish' is in your path (e.g. `which wish`). If it is unavailable, contact your system administrator.
    • Macintosh:
      For OS X, you may choose to use the Tcl/Tk under X11 from Fink or the Aqua Port from
  • Download the LoRS View scripts here (400 KB) and save to an easy to find location on your Desktop or Home Directory.
    Current versions of WinZip and StuffitExpander should be able to open this archive.

Using 'LoRS View' with LoRSWeb

  • Running LoRS View:
    • Windows:
      After installing Tcl/Tk, and unpacking the LoRS View Archive, you can start the display simply by clicking on 'lat_display.tcl' in the folder. This is the only Tcl script that will work for you.
    • Other:
      Start the script by running the following command from a terminal: `wish ./lat_display.tcl`

  • [lors view display]
    After you have started the application, you will see a map like this one.

  • Displaying the tools:
    Now procede to the LoRSWeb page and use any of the functions. You should see the operations on the map.
  • Other Functions
    • Clear:
      You may clear the display and return to the initial view.
    • Draw Arrows:
      After an event has completed, the 'Draw Arrows' Button allows you to see where all segments are located instantly.
    • Quit:
      Exit the application

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