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LoRS Command Line Tool Tutorial

The LoRS command line tools let you do three primary things:

  • Store a file into the wide-area network (Upload),
  • Change where the file is located in the network (Augment or Trim), and
  • Retrieve the file (Download).
They also give you the ability to see where the pieces of the file are stored (List) and to extend the allocations' expiration times (Refresh).

The tools have built-in defaults which can be over-ridden by settings in the .xndrc preferences file.


The LoRS tools assume certain defaults for some settings. If the setting applies to a tool, you can always override the default by using the proper option. You can see all of the options for any tool by entering the tool's name and pressing return. You may also override the defaults by setting the appropriate value in the .xndrc preference file in your home area.

Setting Value
Duration 1 day
IBP Allocation Type HARD

Keep until the expiration date.

This may be overridden on the command line with -s, which specifies SOFT allocations. There is always more SOFT storage available, but the IBP depot may delete it at any time if the filesystem starts to become full. This may also be changed in the .xndrc preferences file.
Internal Buffersize 48 MB

The maximum amount of memory to be used in Upload and Download. This will constrain the amount of parallelization if (Threads * Logical Data Blocksize) exceeds this amount.

This can be overridden on the command line with -M n[k|m|g] where n is a number (whole or decimal) and k is kilobytes, m is megabytes and g is gigabytes. This may also be changed in the .xndrc preferences file.
Logical Data Blocksize 5 MB
Threads -1 (Use as many as needed to completely parallelize each operation)

In Upload, allocate and store all blocks in parallel.
In Download, retrieve all blocks in parallel.
In Augment, use (Copies * Number of Blocks) of threads to create all copies and blocks in parallel.
In Trim, remove all selected pieces in parallel.
In List, check all allocations in parallel.
In Refresh, update all allocations in parallel.
Max Depots 4
Copies 3

Sets the number of copies for Upload and Augment.

E2E Blocksize 1 MB

This value must be less than or equal to the Logical Data Blocksize. This unit must also be consistent within the exNode.

An entire E2E block must be retrieved in order to get any or all of the data represented by it. This is the smallest amount of data that may be Augmented or Downloaded. If the value is too large, then downloading a small number of bytes has a higher latency. However, using to small a value requires more CPU processing to encode and decode the data.

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