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LoCI Projects

LoCI Projects
  The LoRS library is intended to be included in applications to give them access to exNodes and IBP storage. A few applications that use LoRS are listed in the application page.
  The Logistical Runtime System (LoRS) layer consists of a C API and a tool set that automate the finding of IBP depots via the LBone, creating and using IBP capabilities and creating exNodes.
Visit the LoRS page.
  In brief, exNodes aggregate IBP storage resources to provide file services over the network.
Visit the exNode page.
  The Logistical Backbone (L-Bone) maintains a directory of IBP depots and metadata about these depots. The client library allows users to query the L-Bone for depots that meet certain requirements. The IBP depots listed in the L-Bone now serve more than 10 TB of publicly sharable storage around the world. Visit the L-Bone page.
  The Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP) is middleware for managing and using remote storage. It was invented to support Logistical Networking in large scale, distributed systems and applications. We define logistical networking as the global scheduling and optimization of data movement, storage and computation based on a model that takes into account all the network's underlying physical resources. Visit the IBP page.
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